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P3 Financial Planning

P3FP provides integrated and practical financial solutions enabling you to make fully informed and timely decisions to achieve a better financial future.

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Welcome to P3FP

P3FP provides integrated and practical financial solutions enabling you to make fully informed and timely decisions to achieve a better financial future.

We are about engaging and empowering you to achieve financially successful outcomes

Expect understandable, adaptable and realistically achievable strategy.

We are passionate about ensuring our clients can sleep well at night and that they have been actively involved in the entire process of working towards their financial goals.

Although we back ourselves and believe that we have the background and skills to enable and assist all clients, we also back ourselves to interact with clients in a manner that is understandable, adaptable and realistically achievable.

Great Experiences

Clients are at the centre of everything we do at P3FP

That is why we strive to provide great experiences.

Finances and investing can be stressful. Our professional advisers and helpful support team are here to take that burden off your back so you have more time to focus on what’s important to you.

We realise people are busy, so some clients will request virtual meetings and emails on the go. Others enjoy coming into our office to have a chat over coffee or tea.

You may be a visual learner and want to come in to have us go through whiteboard discussions, or a numbers person and prefer data and spreadsheets. We are adaptable to many requests.

The story behind the name

Why P3 Financial Planning?

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably wind up somewhere else.

At P3 Financial Planning our belief is that everyone needs to properly PLAN, in order to competently PROVIDE, and eventually PROSPER.


Where there are financial goals, dreams, and desires, P3 has a Plan that will suit each and every circumstance.


While you are out there Providing for yourself and/or your family, we have continued to be adaptable, and shown our clients that there are unique and different ways to approach investing and wealth creation.

By doing this we have created fairer, and more mutually beneficial solutions. Educating our clients is based firstly on trying to eliminate jargon and mumbo jumbo in the financial world.

Financial literacy, while on the rise is still an area that many Australians struggle with. We are here to help. We help change the way people feel about investing.


P3 is a practice that has an abundance of long-standing clients as advocates of our business. We’ve watched and engaged in our client’s Prosperity over the years.

We must be doing something right, since they keep coming back, and telling others about us. We firmly believe that this is due to the fact that we have never shied away from catching up with our clients at all times, whether good or bad. We value each and every one of our clients individually and enjoy spending time with them. Finance and investing can be boring, but we aim to keep them customised and enjoyable too.

We have been involved in this area for some time now. We love what we do, and we want to show you how you too can achieve financial success.

What we value

Our 5 Core Values


At P3 Financial Planning we are always keen to keep our clients updated on how and why we make certain investment or strategic decisions regarding their financial affairs.

Essentially we value our clients and keeping them well informed is one of the key ways to show this. A financial plan is not just words on a page, it is our clients hopes, dreams, goals matched with our ability and desire to turn those into reality.


We don’t pass the buck here.  We are firm believers in addressing concerns, and issues the moment they arise.

We know how busy our clients are trying to provide for their families, and achieve their work and life outcomes, so you can be assured of our willingness to go the extra mile to achieve desirable outcomes.


We work towards collaboratively educating each and every one of our clients in the areas that relate to them.

At the end of the day, it is your money, and your choice as to which professionals you work with. 

We don’t take anything for granted and ensure that there is understanding and agreement on the advice and strategies that pertain to clients circumstances.  As a team the P3 Financial Planning advisers actively share ideas and wisdom to develop their knowledge base for the greater benefit of our clients.

We deliver on our promises

We can’t make markets move, but we can meet your important expectations, within reasonable time frames. 

All of our training, research, and development as a business and as individuals has a focus on enabling our clients to prosper.  

In the end though it does come down to you, and your willingness to sacrifice short term outcomes for long term success. 

We enjoy our regular meetings with each client as it is a time to catch up with their personal and family goings on and to build the ever-important relationship needed to ensure that this working relationship is ultimately beneficial.


Our programs for all clients, regardless of demographic, are clear and focussed towards the clients specific budget, time-frame, and risk tolerance. 

As such, we take time within our regular review meetings with clients to review and update goals, to ensure that we are continuously providing relevant and worthwhile advice for each client.

At P3 Our motto is “We help people achieve financial success”. By working closely and proactively with clients, we are able to customise the strategies, and ensure successful outcomes.

Get to know us

Meet the P3FP Team

Director / Adviser

Jon Morrow

Get to know Jon >Operations Manager

Saara Buckley

Client Services Officer

Bella Siemsen

Financial Adviser

Maria Anderson

Get to know Maria >Financial Adviser

Blaine Miller

Get to know Blaine >Paraplanner

Zach Penner

We’ve helped hundreds of Australians achieve financial success.

Robert Trewin; Aged 74″Have been a P3 Financial Planning client for over ten years and would recommend their service’s to any one looking to set up a well managed fund for retirement. The staff listen to your requirements and provided you with options to achieve your set short and long term goals.”Raymond and Marie Kinne“We’ve been clients of Jim Penner for 20 plus years, and have been incredibly looked after over that entire time. We know we can get Jim and his team whenever we need them. With our retirement plans, the outcomes we have had have always exceeded our expectations. There has been many occasions where we’ve travelled with other friends and they’ve been constantly stressed about money the entire trip. Our experience has been the exact opposite. We have enjoyed the peace of mind that P3 has given us.”Michael and Rebecca Hall; Aged 40, and 38″Jon, once again thank you so much for your assistance, my wife and I feel incredibly relieved and so much better knowing we are on track for a reasonable retirement and taking care of our girls, well done!”Denise; Aged 79″Have been with Jim Penner from 2003 when he first started the business. We have been very happy and the company has proven to be very professional and personalised.”Matthew Harm”Bella was fantastic. Information requested was quick and painless.”Shannon; Aged 35-45“Blaine has given me advice in areas including Loan Products, Self Managed Super Funds, and Managing Debt. Blaine was always able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Blaine’s knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I always received Blaine’s full care and attention when I needed it.”Deborah; Aged 56-65“Maria has given me advice and assistance with my Superannuation, complex Pension issues, Share advice and also Aged Care advice for a Cousin in my care. Maria has always been able to answer my questions in terms I can understand and to seek to clarify any other matters which may arise. She has always provided caring attention to my specific situation and I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends, totally confident in her abilities and caring nature.”Terence; Aged 65+“Maria has given me advice regarding the appropriateness of my investments. I rely on her advice to ensure that I will get the optimum pension from my pension fund. She also ensures that I have enough liquidity in my fund to pay expenses and my monthly pension. I appreciate that she has arranged my investments so I am safe as possible for my age.”Nicole“The team at P3FP are highly professional, personable and skilled. The advice they offer is both practical and valuable for clients across all age groups and income levels. P3FP is a locally owned and operated business who puts their clients first.”Andy Fechner“Jim has always had our best interests foremost, has listened to our concerns and formed a personal relationship with us. Great to have seen the development of P3Financial Planning from the very start. Very dependable, fulfils his promises.”
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