Blaine Miller

I’m a believer that money is a tool, and not the goal. Financial Freedom is the goal. The best part of my job is learning about what this looks like to each person.

Blaine Miller

I’m a believer that money is a tool, and not the goal. Financial Freedom is the goal. The best part of my job is learning about what this looks like to each person.

Although many people say they look for a ‘bit of grey’ in a Financial Planner, Blaine embraces the fact that he is a Millennial adviser. It is for this reason he enjoys working with other millennials and young families to make money, and have fun doing it.

I’ve always had a keen interest in the stock market, and started investing when studying Finance at QUT here in Brisbane. The first company I bought was Queensland Rail (now Aurizon Holdings) when it first listed on the ASX. To me as a poor Uni student, I thought they were doing very well of me with their escalating ticket prices and I came to the conclusion that I wanted a piece of that business!

It may not have been the increasing train fares that was the reason, but in two years QR did quite well and I had made a 30% return on my initial investment. Not a bad start, and I was instantly hooked. Now I love helping clients with their own investments.

After graduating I did some work experience with a stock broking company whilst working in an electronics store selling computers. This sales job taught me a lot about taking the steps to discover each customer’s needs and requirements and providing a solution to fit.

It wasn’t until I started working with P3FP as a Paraplanner, that I realised that good financial advice was much the same. People want to be listened to and know that their needs and wants are being heard. The key is then to take away what I have learned and tailor the advice to suit their requirements and risk tolerances.

Putting the puzzle pieces together is a very satisfying part of the job.

I love sports and hanging out with friends and family. I will try to get out for a surf once a week and probably against my better judgement I’m still playing rugby with UQ (Up the Heavies).

Having spent a few years living in North America, I’ve developed an affinity for the NFL. I’m a proud “12” (Seahawks fan), and spend a little bit too much of my spare time on fantasy football.

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A Little More About Blaine

I spend a lot of time driving so I love podcasts, my favourite at the moment is a surfing podcast called ‘Ain’t that Swell’.

First Job:  Ball Boy at Ballymore

What I spent my first paycheck on:  Meat Pie and Vanilla coke


  • Self Managed Super Fund accredited (Super Concepts & ICFS Specialist), 2022
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, 2020
  • Accredited Aged Care Specialist, 2019
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • ETF Certification
  • Bachelor of Business (Finance)

Blaine’s Favourites

Colour:  Blue

Food:  Pasta

Movie:  Layer Cake

Comedy Movie:  I Love You, Man

TV Show: Seinfeld

Band: Wu-Tang Clan

Song:  Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones

Animal:  Wolf

Actor:  Tom Hardy

Actress:  Uma Thurman

If I could be a superhero: Batman

Latest Updates by Blaine

We've helped hundreds of Australians achieve financial success.

Robert Trewin; Aged 74
"Have been a P3 Financial Planning client for over ten years and would recommend their service's to any one looking to set up a well managed fund for retirement. The staff listen to your requirements and provided you with options to achieve your set short and long term goals."
Raymond and Marie Kinne
“We've been clients of Jim Penner for 20 plus years, and have been incredibly looked after over that entire time. We know we can get Jim and his team whenever we need them. With our retirement plans, the outcomes we have had have always exceeded our expectations. There has been many occasions where we've travelled with other friends and they've been constantly stressed about money the entire trip. Our experience has been the exact opposite. We have enjoyed the peace of mind that P3 has given us.”
Michael and Rebecca Hall; Aged 40, and 38
"Jon, once again thank you so much for your assistance, my wife and I feel incredibly relieved and so much better knowing we are on track for a reasonable retirement and taking care of our girls, well done!"
Denise; Aged 79
"Have been with Jim Penner from 2003 when he first started the business. We have been very happy and the company has proven to be very professional and personalised."
Matthew Harm
"Bella was fantastic. Information requested was quick and painless."
Shannon; Aged 35-45
“Blaine has given me advice in areas including Loan Products, Self Managed Super Funds, and Managing Debt. Blaine was always able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Blaine’s knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I always received Blaine’s full care and attention when I needed it.”
Deborah; Aged 56-65
“Maria has given me advice and assistance with my Superannuation, complex Pension issues, Share advice and also Aged Care advice for a Cousin in my care. Maria has always been able to answer my questions in terms I can understand and to seek to clarify any other matters which may arise. She has always provided caring attention to my specific situation and I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends, totally confident in her abilities and caring nature.”
Terence; Aged 65+
“Maria has given me advice regarding the appropriateness of my investments. I rely on her advice to ensure that I will get the optimum pension from my pension fund. She also ensures that I have enough liquidity in my fund to pay expenses and my monthly pension. I appreciate that she has arranged my investments so I am safe as possible for my age.”
“The team at P3FP are highly professional, personable and skilled. The advice they offer is both practical and valuable for clients across all age groups and income levels. P3FP is a locally owned and operated business who puts their clients first.”
Andy Fechner
“Jim has always had our best interests foremost, has listened to our concerns and formed a personal relationship with us. Great to have seen the development of P3Financial Planning from the very start. Very dependable, fulfils his promises.”
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