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Tailored financial solutions for every generation.

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Start your financial planning journey with us today

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At P3 Financial Planning our belief is that everyone needs to properly Plan, in order to competently Provide, and eventually Prosper.

Start your financial planning journey with us today

Make fully informed and timely decisions.

How our financial planning process works

Once we receive your enquiry, we will endeavour to have a conversation or at lease connect on email to ensure that we can be of assistance to you.  If this quick fact-finding proves mutually successful, we will send you out a confirmation of our proposed meeting, or virtual catch up.

We will have a list of items to have handy for that meeting, and also we ask that you consider taking time to do up a short form data collect.  Our first chat is about you getting to know us and us getting to you. You may have financial goals. Or you may have concerns or questions about your current situation. You may have a whole roadmap planned out and would simply like someone to take a look at it.

Ask us anything you like.

We will book in a time with you to meet for a free, non-obligatory assessment of the possibilities you could achieve.

During our first meeting, there is ample time for us to gain insights into your journey to this point.

Many of our clients have had experiences with Financial Planners in the past and we always like to hear what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past.

During this meeting we will provide you our backgrounds, and also gather more data to ensure that we meet our compliance obligations and to ensure that we understand your timeframes, goals, current situation, and also how well suited you are to various investment risks that you may face when undertaking various investment strategies.

Feel free to enquire about fees, or the further process during this meeting. We are very transparent with this and have been providing fee for service for over 12+ years now to our clients.

We offer various programs that are goal-based, or strategic based advice to suit every clients particular needs during this free consultation we will offer to you the specific course of action that we feel suits your risk profile, timeframes, current circumstances and comfort levels.

Once we have agreed on progressing the working relationship further, we’ll provide you (within approximately 3- 5 business days after the free consultation) with a short summary of the particular.

This will include expected fees, knowing clearly that this Summary isn’t product specific and therefore will not be able to fully prescribe the full advice (more on that later). We can deliver this in many ways, whatever suits you.

People are busy, and some of our clients will request an email that they can go through together over a coffee or wine, for instance. Some clients are more visual learners and may want to come in to have us go through whiteboard discussions.

We are able to adapt to many requests, just don’t ask us to sing for our supper!

This is a dynamic process and where we find our clients or prospective clients can see how we are different, since this is all about you: your current situation, what Financial success means to you, and how to get there.

Depending upon the complexity, and the extent of your advice we will either move to going through a virtual or face-to-face strategy meeting.

This is where the actual steps start to be dictated by client’s level of commitment to the process.

If we need to go back to the drawing board, and amend some of the figures, or assumptions from the Exec Summary, then that will only take us a day or two.

Whether we have needed to amend any areas of possible advice, it is most likely at this stage that we will take you through our calculators and projectors and ask for your input so that you are essentially driving the end game of your Financial success.

We are firm believers in our clients owning the advice process so that it ends up being a living, breathing engagement from all parties involved.

Whether we are discussing a full comprehensive advice process involving all aspects of your financial goals, including Life Insurances, Mortgage Broking, Estate Planning for instance, or advice limited to a few areas, we prefer to meet to deliver the Advice document to our prospective clients.

This is known as a Statement of Advice, and it can be very cumbersome, and it is important to meet to ensure that any further questions, or concerns that you may have can be addressed.
Often, within 2-3 weeks of our first consultation we will be able to provide you with our written, formal advice.

The advice delivery can, at your request involve proceeding with our advice, but more likely you may want to take the advice, and either get a second opinion or gain further understanding on what alternatives, strategies, and/or products have been suggested.

We won’t provide any additional pressure since this in itself is a fairly cumbersome process so we’ll make ourselves available following this meeting, if needed.

Our team will prepare the necessary documents, applications, and related processes for implementing the areas that you have agreed upon.

During this phase, again each client has the ability to self-select the areas that they wish to proceed on, and those that they want to put on hold.

We will go through an Authority to Proceed document that will allow one of 3 options:

  1. Proceed with all of the advice
  2. Proceed with the advice and amend, remove, or add certain elements to it
  3. Do not proceed.

Once the implementation is commenced we will be in regular contact since there are likely to be ongoing questions, and uncertainty as you are taking on new products, log ins, and being inundated with new information.

We are always available during this timeframe to sit down with you if need be to ensure that the implementation is as smooth, and stress – free as possible.

All of the above are extremely important, however this stage is where we will impress you the most.

We have built a client-centric business on the back of being proactive with our regular reviews.

We will regularly contact you via our automated review process and provide you with options to meet face-to-face, or virtually, or to possibly send out the review (only usually done if you are extremely busy).

This essentially allows you to get comfortable over time with how we work with you and your underlying investments, or potentially services (such as estate planning, insurances, etc).

For clients that are in one of our goals – based timeframe specific programs, we will check in once a year too, for the purpose of checking how your actual results are trending towards your end goals.

We've helped hundreds of Australians achieve financial success.

Robert Trewin; Aged 74
"Have been a P3 Financial Planning client for over ten years and would recommend their service's to any one looking to set up a well managed fund for retirement. The staff listen to your requirements and provided you with options to achieve your set short and long term goals."
Raymond and Marie Kinne
“We've been clients of Jim Penner for 20 plus years, and have been incredibly looked after over that entire time. We know we can get Jim and his team whenever we need them. With our retirement plans, the outcomes we have had have always exceeded our expectations. There has been many occasions where we've travelled with other friends and they've been constantly stressed about money the entire trip. Our experience has been the exact opposite. We have enjoyed the peace of mind that P3 has given us.”
Michael and Rebecca Hall; Aged 40, and 38
"Jon, once again thank you so much for your assistance, my wife and I feel incredibly relieved and so much better knowing we are on track for a reasonable retirement and taking care of our girls, well done!"
Denise; Aged 79
"Have been with Jim Penner from 2003 when he first started the business. We have been very happy and the company has proven to be very professional and personalised."
Matthew Harm
"Bella was fantastic. Information requested was quick and painless."
Shannon; Aged 35-45
“Blaine has given me advice in areas including Loan Products, Self Managed Super Funds, and Managing Debt. Blaine was always able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Blaine’s knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I always received Blaine’s full care and attention when I needed it.”
Deborah; Aged 56-65
“Maria has given me advice and assistance with my Superannuation, complex Pension issues, Share advice and also Aged Care advice for a Cousin in my care. Maria has always been able to answer my questions in terms I can understand and to seek to clarify any other matters which may arise. She has always provided caring attention to my specific situation and I would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends, totally confident in her abilities and caring nature.”
Terence; Aged 65+
“Maria has given me advice regarding the appropriateness of my investments. I rely on her advice to ensure that I will get the optimum pension from my pension fund. She also ensures that I have enough liquidity in my fund to pay expenses and my monthly pension. I appreciate that she has arranged my investments so I am safe as possible for my age.”
“The team at P3FP are highly professional, personable and skilled. The advice they offer is both practical and valuable for clients across all age groups and income levels. P3FP is a locally owned and operated business who puts their clients first.”
Andy Fechner
“Jim has always had our best interests foremost, has listened to our concerns and formed a personal relationship with us. Great to have seen the development of P3Financial Planning from the very start. Very dependable, fulfils his promises.”
P3 Financial Planning have given me excellent advice over many years with my insurance needs. Recently I had the need to make a claim and Blaine not only made the process easy he went above and beyond on several occasions. I would highly recommend them. Excellent service. Thank you!
John & Marilyn - recently retired
Jim & his team at P3 Financial Planning are very professional, friendly, and proactive. Jim keeps us updated with advice and recommendations for our portfolios and also ensures compliance is maintained. Maria always acknowledges our emails and attends to our requests at her earliest convenience. We have and would recommend P3 Financial Planning to anyone looking for financial advice.
Kingsley & Sharan - recent retirees
We have been a customer & friend of Jim and team for over 20 years. With his help and advice, formulated an action plan for when we retire, and that is now in place. We are now enjoying our retirement and feel financially secure as one can in these unsure times...thank you Jim and team for all your help
Ryan - Aged 35
My partner and I have been using P3FP for several years now with Insurance reviews/setup and wealth building for retirement our main goals. Blaine has been brilliant and adjusts proposals to capitalise on current market and our appetite for risk in order to obtain our goals. We are very happy and have recommended to anyone chasing a FP with high integrity and results focus!
I have been a client of P3 Financial for many many years, and hope to be for many more. Not only are they extremely professional and knowledgeable financial advisors, I find their ethics exemplary. As I transition towards retirement Jon and Maria are ensuring the advice they give me is well suited to my current situation. I have the utmost trust in this team to look after me - they know their stuff!
Jeanette - Retiree
If every company was as reactive as this one life would be a lot easier for us old folks!
Noel & Helen - Retirees
Hi Bella. Sincere thanks for the update. As like your co-workers Noel and I hold you in high esteem for your proficiency in dealing with our financial portfolios. Kind regards Noel and Helen
Olivia Age 22
They were really helpful as I am really new to investing. Would highly recommend for all first time investors, they make it straight forward.
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Laine - Aged 54
"My parents recommended Blaine from P3FP and we are very grateful they did. I used to feel very uncertain about our financial future but after meeting with Blaine annually we always walk away feeling 'richer' than we thought and and financially stable. I never knew where to start in terms of retirement planning and now that it's in Blaine's hands, we don't have to give it another thought, he's all over it, we can highly recommend Blaine and P3FP."
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Bernadette - Age 31
"Blaine and the P3 planning team have helped me save money and get more out of my insurances, super fund and more. I've moved to investing which I never would have been able to do myself, and found ways for me to make my money work harder for me - with the aim to retire early and use my money as a tool to help me enjoy the lifestyle I want. Thanks to the whole team :)"
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