Be Super aware

February 15, 2021


Were you aware:

  • Your annual Concessional Contribution (CC) cap for 20/21 is $25,000;
  • Considering the above figure however, since 2018, individuals can carry forward any unused CC cap for up to 5 financial years (rolling 5 year periods).  For instance, if you were able to contribute $25,000 in 2019/2020, but only put in $10,000 then you have $15,000 that can be contributed from this financial year, and/or the next 4 financial years. This is in addition to the annual limit for this financial year (*Note, total Super balance must be < $500,000 at 30/6 of prior Financial year to take advantage);
  • If the following applies:  1. Your annual income is below $54,837, 2. You are under 71, and 3. You have less than $1.6 Million in Super, you may qualify for the Government Co-Contribution.  We won’t go into all the calculations associated with this, but for example, if you earned say $38,000 this year and made a contribution of say $1,000 than the Australian Government would partially match your funds with a $500 Co-contribution.
  • For those with income below $37,000 you may also qualify for the low income super tax offset.  The offset is the lesser of $15% of the eligible cont. and $500. Read more

July 2020 Client Update

August 14, 2020

July 2020 Update – P3 Financial Planning

Hi all and welcome to what should be an eye-opening new Financial year.  We trust that everyone is staying safe as our economy (and most states) try to enter a new normal of further easing of restrictions.  As per the last number of months we wanted to just provide a bit of an update, and some good news as we wrap up a financial year (and last 4 months) that, I am sure all of us will not soon forget.  This update will serve as a quick specific look back at some of the investment purchases that we undertook in April and May as well as provide some information from Macquarie and Perpetual, two groups that we have long associations with. In addition, we have included some thoughts from a Commodity (Gold) presentation from last week by 2 of Australia’s mid-tier gold producers.


Macquarie – The Financial Year that was – Equities rallied to new highs by early January…As far as financial markets were concerned, FY20 was “one for the ages”. Read more

Some positive news from our Fund Manager colleagues

March 30, 2020

Hoping this post finds all of our clients and their families safe and secure in these unique times.  We at P3 Financial Planning wanted to touch base with you at this time to provide you some information and data that we have been gathering from the fund managers that you hold within your portfolios.

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P3FP Market Update March 2020

March 12, 2020


Then out of left field, along comes a virus.

11 March 2020

As the coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines, news of the emergence of new clusters of infections outside China has caused jitters in global financial markets. Here’s our assessment of what’s happening and our investment view.

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